Research Thesis

My name is Josh Wigley and I am a Doctorate student at the University of Hull. I am currently completing my thesis and am trying to gather people who may wish to participate.
My thesis is on personal growth in adult siblings of people with a learning disability. Participation would involve a 1 hour long interview in which we discuss participants’ experiences of having a sibling with a learning disability, with a focus on personal growth.
Hopefully, this will be a new way of talking about their sibling for participants.

I am hoping there may be people who see this who may wish to participate themselves or know people who may wish to and can pass on the information.
My email address is and anyone interested can email me directly on there.

Here is a list of my inclusion criteria which participants must meet.

  • Must have a sibling with a learning disability.
    -Must not have a learning disability themselves
    -Must have contact with their sibling at least every six months through any form of communication.
    -Must be over the age of 18.

Thank you very very much, any help would be greatly appreciated.