School Support for Parents of Children with Learning & Developmental Disabilities

I am very passionate about this research as my sister has 18q-deletion syndrome and I would really like to bring more insight into the support parents and their children receive from school and hopefully create positive changes.

Seeking participants for my dissertation! You can take part if you are aged 18 years or over and a parent of a school aged child or a child previously in school with a learning disability.

This study is being conducted to gain a better understanding of the support that parents are given to help them to understand their children’s learning disability and the associated support that they and their child received from schools. A further aim is to identify areas where school support could potentially be improved. I am conducting this study as part of my MRes Thesis Research at Northumbria University.

This will be done through an interview that will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

This study and its protocol have received full ethical approval from the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee (Postgraduate Taught) in accordance with the School of Health and Life Sciences Ethics Committee (ref:28582).

To find out more and to take part, please go to:

Good luck with your study. If you come across any support being given by schools to children and/or parents in families where it is the parent who has learning disabilities, I would be very interested to hear about it. We’ve been working with a young person who did not have a learning disability but her parents and sibling did. She says if her teachers had understood better what her home life was like, she would have done much better at school.
Nadine Tilbury
Policy Officer for the Working Together with Parents Network