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Hi my son went to mainstream school done primary to secondary,but in 2nd year he had various difficulties and a got him a place at special needs school but he hates it wants to go back to mainstream can do this help needed asp as not going to school

Hi shazzy

The Independent Parental Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA) organisation might be able to help.

It is a charity that offers free and independent legally based information, advice and support to help get the right education for children and young people with all kinds of special educational needs and disabilities.

You can read about them on their website which can be found at

Their advice line contact details are on this web page:

Good luck!

Please do let us know how you get on.

Thanks for reply, much appreciated, need all the advice I can get.

What were the reasons for him changing schools in the first place? What is it that making him refuse? To go to special school? I wonder if its a pattern on school refusal rather than a specific type of school?
Don’t mean to offend but more details would help understand what’s happening

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He got stab at school on the bus,then got pencils stab in his forehead,his teacher techy one called him a poof and kids in his class thought was funny,so on his Facebook they started sending pictures to him of there bits,they done it to other 2 boys as well. My son also got booted by other boy in the privates and took photos to school as black blue, he fell behind and was already behind but not at the bottom of the class, tried to work with school couldn’t find the extra help like Special teacher to help, so just snowballed from there. He goes to calms and went threw assessments, he’s got learning disabilities, dyslexia, he 14 but a would say he doing work of 2nd years as national 3, social worker though special needs school could help my son cope, really a just think he would do anything to get out of old school.

A don’t know if he just refusing any school but said you don’t have to go to any school social work can sort some else out if it comes to, he adamant he wants to go to other mainstream school, so said if you won’t to high school you sort it out ,phoned his papa went to school got the form bring it back home to get filled in, so a don’t know what’s best but a can’t work with a child who gives me no ley way with other opposition,so don’t know but a thought might have a better chance if he wants to go to high school,can’t get any worse,am thinking well if he change back to mainstream dosent go am still no worse off but then a again a could be totally wrong

What does he feel hes done something wrong? I wonder how much he has been allowed to participate in the process. What was it about the special school that is worrying him.

In some places there are specialist units within mainstream schools, is that something in your area? Also schools can do dual placements where students can have certain lessons in a different setting. Is that something you’ve thought of