Self Advocacy Groups: What is happening in your area?


How are self advocacy groups/organisations run by people with learning difficulties getting on at the moment? What is happening in your area?


I am a support worker for 2 seld advocacy groups in the north east. Both groups are struggling so we are in the process of joining forces. Gateshead People and Talk 2 Us (South Tyneside) are working together with the aim of attacting more long term funding. A new name is yet to be decided
Both groups have their own Facebook pages at the moment if you want any more infromation.


Thanks for the information @Hazyjo It would be great if you could post the links to the Facebook groups.


Hi Neil, here is a link to the website for the organistion I am employed by

Any keen Facebookers can find our group’s pages Talk 2 Us and Gateshead People (in other words not sure how to share links outside Facebook)


I think in other for self-advocacy group to survive we need to join forces and work together.
We lost our funding from the council and this is a very heavy blow on our speaking up project but we have joined and team up with Inclusion London to support us in gaining more sustainable funding as project funding are never sustainable.