Sensory Detective in Birmingham & Norwich- Understand behaviours relating to SPD

Sensory needs are often misunderstood as behaviours. Misunderstanding behaviours can affect someone’s quality of life.

Learn what some characteristics relating to Sensory Processing Disorder mean so that you can feel more confident in recognising and supporting children and adults.

I create immersive learning environments with people with SPD, as part of this workshop you will experience some of these which help educate about the impact of SPD in a more meaningful way into our everyday lives.

On 27th June in Birmingham & 11th July in NorwichI am running my (Sensory Spectacle’s) FEEL IT workshop, during the day you will learn

  • the importance of our senses for learning and development
  • what SPD is
  • how to recognise and understand characteristics of SPD
  • how it might feel with our immersive tools
  • strategies and ideas to support children & adults

9.45am - 3pm for parents and professionals, £80pp. During the day you will also get a chance to ask me your own questions relating to SPD too!

You can book directly online now or email me the names and I will send over an invoice.