Sharing Easy Read Resources - Are you interested?

Hi everyone
I was thinking it would be great if there was a central place online for sharing all the great easy read materials that have been produced over recent years.
People looking for easy read information could use it to search under relevant subject topics eg policy/ law, health, being parents, criminal justice system, financial capability etc. I noticed that many requests on the forum were posts from members trying to source easy read information.
I think the Choice Forum with their new website would be a great place for it. I am sure we could set it up in such a way that it could acknowledge the organisation that created it, either be free access or accessed for free by an email link to the organisation that created it.
Please let us have your thoughts, even if it is just by clicking the like button on this post.
Best wishes
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Excellent idea, I do hope others agree


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good idea.

There is already two very good ones:



Yes, brilliant idea. There’s so much out there and new documents are being published all the time by a wide range of organisations. You might have to negotiate with some of the LD organisations and public bodies, who produce lots of these documents to get this idea off the ground. However, people with learning disabilities need to be asked whether they think this is a good idea. Their views can really make things happen!
Best of luck with this.

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Yes, I agree it’s a good idea.

Another solution maybe if easy read docs had a filing system similar to the Dewey decimal system combined with hash tags so they could easily be searchable online.

That way you wouldn’t be dependable on a central resource, which lets face it, often start well, but when funding runs out are no longer managed or supported.

The doc’s could be spread out over different websites and you’d just need a code or search term to find them. i’m sure academics or librarian’s could advise as to what would be good search term protocols.

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WOULD BE VERY USEFUL-a great idea.

Perhaps we could also have a group of independent reviewers that quality assure that it is not only good good quality information but also easy read according to standards (obviously a job for the experts by experience people with learning disabilities). we could have a scoring system. The patient information forum (pif) may also be a good knowledgeable link to help set this up.
Angela Crocker

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Having a central data base of easy read documents would be a great idea. We do of course have easy health (even if for some reason they don’t include a link to us as the UKs largest ER producer!)
But it needs to be wider than just health of course. (and I know they do include some other stuff).
The indexing and searching is so important to be able to find anything on a site, lots of work unless some automation is possible.
But we also have an issue with quality, it is so variable and although we have standards we dont have some publishers following them.
Personally I’d like to see an easy read producers association of some sort that accredited producers and kept an eye on those that didn’t meet the standards in some way.
Whilst that’s a different topic that would be a great place to keep an archive.

Andrew Holman
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Hello everyone, newbie here… but loving the new forum, well done team.

In answer to having a central repository, HERO Docs (Health Easy Read Online) will be available early January, the new service will increase clinical time by making easy read available at the point of need.

HERO Docs has been designed around NHSE’s Accessible Information Standard team, CCG and FT clients have made their easy read content available to others via subscription. will supply the technology and employ people with LD to moderate easy read prior it being published on the system.

We hope people with learning disabilities will use HERO Docs as a marketplace to advertise their expertise and gain employment.

You can sign up for more information here:

Many thanks

I like Pete Le Grys’s idea of having a tag to make easy read easier to source online.
I’ve found a number NHS bodies and other LD Advocacy organisations have useful information they have produced on their own sites but not elsewhere.
I think the information isn’t made available wider just because it is seen as relevant to that hospital or geographical area.

Any tag would automatically take you any general easy read sites (such as as well as any individual organisations. A combination of both options would help.

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