Short guide on recommended health checks

Does anyone have a short (ideally single side of A4) guidance sheet for people with Learning Disabilities on all recommended health checks, including the frequency with which they should be completed? This would cover health checks such as Opticians, Dental, Learning Disability Annual Health Check, cancer screening etc. If so can you please share with Thanks.

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This is something we’ve been looking at too so would be interested to see what people have.

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Hi Anna
I would also be interested in this. The CCG were asking if there were set standards for all the health checks required and frequency. Could you please share any information you receive?
Many thanks
Sue Bridges
Professional Lead (Learning Disabilities / Autism)

Hi, We dont have a guidance sheet as such but here in NE Lincs we recommend that any such health checks are person centred - if there are no issues then people would be on the normal recalls for cancer screening, dentist (so 6 monthly to annually depending on the dentist) and opticians (either annually or 2-yearly) and an annual health check via the GP practice.
If there are concerns then appointments may be more regular, depending on the department’s policies/waiting lists etc.
The Learning Disability team here can help to support with access to appropriate health services and screening and we often address non-attendance or overdue invitations via Health Action Planning, which we monitor as part of our service.
If you would like any other information on how we monitor this or our role in trying to ensure health needs are met, I’d be happy to share, and you can email me at