Solve the crisis in Social Care

Dear Friends,

I have a petition, which was created a few weeks ago, “Solve the crisis in Social Care”.

It is addressed to Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock as Prime Minister and Secretary for Health & Social Care, respectively, who are in those positions currently, but only just. But I feel the Petition is relevant to whoever is in those positions.

It would mean a lot to me if you took a moment to add your name because:

Just in Adult Social Care demand has increased by 1.6% since 2015-16, The Health Foundation report, 23 October 2018,

This is not taking into account the demand for Children’s Social Care and the increase in demand since 2018, but as stated in the report, ‘At the same time, growth in government spending has only seen a 0.4% increase in real terms and the 10,670 fewer people received long term social care support’, effectively a substantial decrease in funding. This will and is having an impact on health care services and adds to the health funding crisis.

Until all social care is sufficiently funded for children and adults, be they elderly, disabled, or in poor health, health services will be substantially affected, and health funding will need to be increased to compensate, to some degree, for the substantial underfunding of social care.

It is not only causing distress and concern for persons in need of care, but also affecting their families, whose own health will be deteriorating due to the lack of Social Care and who in time will also need social and health care.

I am a Family Carer and can see this happening for a considerable number of years for my own adult disabled daughter and how it has affected my own health and that of my wife.

But funding is but one element of the Social Care Crisis, as good quality care is also a casualty, not only due to the increasing demand for social care, but the substantial lack of persons wishing to enter the caring profession.

Here the lack of a wage/salary which matches the responsibilities, which need to be undertaken, the length of shifts, the number of unsocial hours, the care required in relation to the degree of disability and need and others.

Austerity cuts to local authorities are partly to blame for some areas of this crisis, which has impacted on the funding available for social care, where the need is increasing, the lack of workers in social care and the increases to the National Living Wage.

These problems relate to the whole area of care, be it in relation to Care and Nursing Homes, Supported Living, or Home Care.

Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in. Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.

After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It’s super easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:

Please also see the article in Care Home Professional

In The Guardian article 21 August 2019, ‘It’s time to declare a social care emergency’, it states that an emergency needs to be declared as The Care Act is not being adhered to.

Whereas in The Guardian article 1 August 2019, ‘Pledges to fix Social Care could cost Boris Johnson dearly’, it states that to bring funding back for Social Care to the 2009/2010 levels it would cost at least £8 billion in England alone.

It is my own view that Social Care will always be a problem, not only until the funding is sorted and there is consistent good quality care, but that there needs to be one organisation that is responsible for all aspects of social care and also the associated areas relating to health and the health care.


Chris Sterry