Supported living

I’d be interested to hear what people’s views are on having regular staff supporting those who live in a supported living setting. Is there any evidence of deteriorating emotional well-being or behavioural problems where someone is regularly supported by staff they are not familiar with, especially those who have complex learning disability, autism and no ordinary means of communication. I would particularly welcome views from anyone who has first hand experience of working in a supported living environment and also from any parents/carers who may be in this situation.

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Hi there.
I think continuity of support is very important. Someone who knows your preferences, dislikes, and someone who you are comfortable with. The high levels of staff turnover in many care settings (over 25%) can ruin this continuity. I managed several supported living schemes and also made a film about housing options called " A real Home a Real Life". You can see it at

Thank you for your response. I’ve watched the film which is quite inspiring and I wish I had seen it before my son moved out of the family home several years ago. Although the people featured in the film appear to be more able than my own son it would have given me a little more hope than I had back then. I left a comment on the site.
Best regards, Carolann Bowers

you for your feedback. It is great to hear from you. I would love to make more videos about housing and support options. Clearly, the whole point is to support people with learning disabilities, families and professionals to know more about what can be achieved. Funding is harder to get these days unfortunately, so getting each new film off the ground is a bit of a struggle. I appreciate your encouragement. Best regards, Peter