‘Teaching New Skills’ - new information sheet from the CBF

Children, young people and adults with severe learning disabilities may display challenging behaviours in order to get their needs met. One way to reduce these behaviours is to teach the person new skills and ways of communicating, so they can get their needs met in more appropriate ways. Learning new skills can also give them more choice, independence and control.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) has produced a new information sheet with help from Martin Bertulis (Macintyre) about teaching new skills (an important part of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

Although there is already information about finding the causes of challenging behaviours and PBS planning, there is less information about ways of teaching people with learning disabilities the skills they may need to get their needs met in more appropriate ways.

The information sheets aims to be a practical tool for families when teaching their relatives new skills, and includes various examples of how this can be done and details about the tools and professionals who can help. In particular the information sheets covers:

Learning a new activity
Communication skills
Coping skills

To download the information sheet, please visit the CBF website: