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Hi all!

My name is Pete Wells and I am a SEND teacher in the sunny North East of England. Over the years I have written a bunch of Sensory Stories that get used all over the world. S’nice! I have recently started a lighthearted podcast to celebrate the joys of sensory stories for ALL learners. Each episode will feature chat, an interview with a very exciting practitioner as well as a sensory story which I will deconstruct and discuss prop use and lesson ideas. I plan to put one of these out every 2-3 weeks.

The second episode has just gone up and I’m chuffed to say it features an interview with the lovely Flo Longhorn. I also chat about sharing stories with learners of different abilities, the story of Millie the Mermaid who could Swim’, which I then deconstruct & give some lesson ideas for.

Here’s the official (ha!) blurb:

"Join me for the steaming number two that is the Pete Wells Sensory Stories Podcast - Episode 2! This episode features an interview with a very special guest and all round good egg, the Queen of Sensory Education herself, the wonderful Flo Longhorn!

I also prattle on about how to deliver sensory stories to a range of learners at a range of developmental levels.

The featured story this episode is Millie - The Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim. I will tell the story before completely deconstructing it, exploring how and why to use the props, and alternatives to the props. I’ll also tell you how scampi is made, which may shock you! There’s also a bunch of lesson ideas to enhance the story too!

You’ll find all the things you need for the story at the new website

Timings are as follows:

00:00 Intro and news;

03:01 Telling Sensory Stories to differing cohorts;

11:03 Interview with Flo Longhorn;

23:14 Introduction to Millie - The Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim;

25:15 Millie The Mermaid Who Couldn’t Swim Sensory Story;

27:55 Deconstructing Millie the Mermaid;

52:18 Lesson ideas for Millie the Mermaid;

62:53 Summary and next episode.

Special thanks to Flo for this, she went above and beyond to help me out, she’s absolutely lovely. Also, thanks to musical maestro Steve Murphy, for making the brilliant Millie the Mermaid theme!

Any feedback would be very, very gratefully received. Please email me at "

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As I said, I’d love some feedback (thanks to everyone who shared or got in touch after episode 1) so please whizz me an email if you have any suggestions or more ideas for lessons or content overall.

Much love,

Pete Wells.

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Thanks Pete!

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