Tips on how to beginning running as an activity with a non verbal young lady with an intellectually disability

I am a support worker for a lady with a severe learning disability and who is also non verbal. I want to take her out running for exercise and also as an activity. How do I slowly introduce her to this ? Any tips would be very much appreciated.

Is this something she’s expressed an interest in? I didn’t enjoy it at all when I started running with my friend. We did the couch to 5k programme, there is a book and an app you can get for your phone, to take you slowly through the process. After we had a bit more confidence we started to do parkruns in our local park, you can google that to find out where there might be one in your area.
Are there any running clubs in your area? We have a really inclusive one where I am, all ages and all abilities.
Hope this helps?

My first reaction was why running? Is it something she likes or are you looking for aerobic exercise? Are there any disability sports clubs near you