Toilet visits immediately after food

young adult male with autism visits toilet ‘to poo’ immediately after eating anything. Support workers say he thinks he has to go straight away after eating. Any suggestions re accessible resources (he is a non-reader) explaining that ‘the journey’ and fact that it can take 24 hours or more?


I’ve had a look at Books Beyond Words but their book about poo is around avoiding constipation.

As a mum, my imagination led me to wonder if this routine is how this young man learned to use the toilet in the first place. Sometimes, if you don’t recognise the sensation of needing to poo (interoception issues), it is helpful to learn by creating a routine such as this.

If that were the case and this young person doesn’t easily recognise the urge to poo- I would be extremely careful about changing the system he has established for going regularly - to avoid any chance of developing constipation.



Please see the diagram attached. It may help to explain the journey and process so that he won’t try going immediately. I hope it’s helpful.

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It is not unusual to want to poo after eating a meal. It’s not the poo from that meal obviously! However, eating seems to set everything in motion.

You haven’t said whether he is actually pooing, or getting anxious or distressed if he is not able to, or creating additional health problems by straining? His personalised circumstances would be significant in deciding what is needed.

If you still need to, you can also google ‘primary school digestive system resources’, or higher key stages, depending on his level of understanding. All sorts of things come up.

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