Try out our new Planning Ahead Cards


I’m Becky and I’m a researcher at Kingston University working on the 'Growing Older Planning Ahead’ study.

We have worked with people with learning disabilities and their families to create some ‘Planning Ahead Cards’. These are a set of free cards to help you to think about and talk about the future.

We are looking for families to test out these cards and tell us what they think as part of a research study. You can watch a video about this study here: "Growing Older, Planning Ahead" study: Information about the TESTING stage (2022) - YouTube

We are looking for people to take part in this study who have a family member with a learning disability, who is over 35 and lives with their parent(s).

If you’re interested or would like some more information about the study, you can either call/text me on 07942265707 or email me at

Thank you!


Hi Becky,

Is there any incentive for people to take part. -we can send the info to some of the people we work with


Hi Lucy,

Yes, anyone who takes part will get £20 when they send the feedback questionnaires back and will be able to keep the cards (so that would be £20 for the person with a learning disability and £20 for the family member). We will also come and observe some families using the cards and we would give a further £20 for that.

Please do share with anyone you think may be interested and pass on my contact details.

Many thanks


Hi Becky this maybe worth sharing with parent carers forums for carers of LD adults.
Eg Adults First in Merton ( part of Merton Mencap) and others ?
Good luck!

Thank you! I have actually contacted Merton Mencap already but that’s helpful to know about the specific service you mentioned so I’ll give them a go. If you know anyone who may wish to take part, please do pass on my details.

As it falls under the Merton Mencap umbrella, they will already have seen,& I’m sure, circulated it to relevant members.

April McDevitt
Mobile : 07738 683125
Landline : 020 8286 7664