use of own laptops/tablets

I have a brother with severe physical and mental disabilities who I have rented a house for, and the NHS pays a full one to one care package. My concern among many. is that on each occasion I have visited staff have been using their own laptops/tablets. On two visits my brother has been in bed during the day ,
I live two hundred miles away so cannot monitor what is going on daily although that will hopefully change when he is moved near me , My thoughts are that he is being ignored while they amuse themselves on the devices, they bring with them.
Does anyone know what the policy is on staff using own laptops/devices whilst in a persons own home .
I am waiting for a meeting with his case worker and agency who provide staff and will be bringing this up but would love some input .

hello ,
i am sorry to hear your brother is not getting the full attention of his staff when playing on their own laptops.
if the house that N H S provides is part of the care package then it may be helpful to revisit the terms and conditions of your employment contract .
i do not know what the set up is and how pays the wages, once you understand this you can go to the appropriate person with your concerns.
hope this is helpful

Supervising staff has always been a problem. Years ago certain staff would watch TV all day. If the agency that pays the staff doesn’t make it clear what is appropriate during the work day family and friends need to. If staff can’t engage your brother in the use of the computer, the computer should not be there. This is true for smart phones as well.

hello again ,
yes, i agree if any gadget is not useful to the looked after person, then it is seasonable for this gadget to be removed, i am sure when the carer had their interview and agreed to Terms and conditions this was not part of the agreement. no reason to think it is ok when you are put in a passion of trust to think anything different.
hope this helps .