Vacancy: Personal Assistant Role

From: Samantha Clark

Dear friend

Over the last few months, we have been recruiting for a Personal Assistant to cover maternity leave. This will be to support one of our Membership and Engagement Leads, Gary Bourlet, with his work over the next year. After advertising we found a successful applicant but unfortunately, at the very last stages, this fell through. This has left us with the position unfilled.

We wanted to contact you to ask if you could kindly share the opening amongst your close networks or anyone you feel might be interested. There will be a rolling deadline for applications at the moment, so we will be interviewing as and when suitable candidates approach us.

As a part-time position, this role was previously filled by a student finishing their master’s degree, so we would be very open to applicants with other commitments.

Gary is based in South-East Kent and although local applicants may be preferable, the role can be undertaken by someone working virtually so he will consider applicants based anywhere in England.

All the information about the position and an application form can be found through the link below:

We’re Recruiting – Personal Assistant (Maternity Cover) – Learning Disability England

Thank you so much in advance for any help in getting this out there.

Best wishes,


Samantha Clark

Chief Executive

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