Values and Behaviours Workshops for Organisations and People being Supported and their Supporters

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Dr Len Lofts
07531135691 Organisational Excellence in Practice Through Values and Behaviours

  • Published on September 15, 2022

This is a workshop that ROC South West Ltd offer to all organisations linked to the underpinning of excellent practice and business growth. There are five main headings facilitating discussion and agreement on the Values and Behaviours defining how we approach our work and working relationships. The headings are: CHAMPIONING THE CAUSE, BUILDING TRUST, INSPIRING LEADERSHIP, PROMOTING TEAMWORK, CHAMPIONING THE BRAND and DELIVERING RESULTS.

Aimed at staff at all levels but engaging Senior Management Teams and Trustees/Directors in enabling their organisations and staff to develop and own the values and behaviours within their organisation in working with and supporting people with learning disabilities. The workshop isn’t about discussing what a value or behaviour is but works on the premise that a value is a principle or standard of behaviour leading to the surpassing of all expectations for people supported and staff. The Values and Behaviours can be written into an agreed organisational policy and underpin excellent practice, innovation, inclusiveness, integration, diversity and empowering staff to empower the people supported. They reinforce that how we support people is directly connected to how we manage and lead at all levels. They should form part of our supervisory, mentoring and appraisal systems and our disciplinary procedures. They form part of contract tenders for new business.

Offered in a two day workshop face to face. It can be subsumed into one long day plus evening.

Dr Len Lofts


Focus: Involving people with learning disabilities in Values and Behaviours development for the people supporting them in organisations**