Vitamin d testing and anti epileptic medication

Can anyone advise why vitamin d testing is avoided for those taking anti epileptic drugs (aeds). I am aware some aeds Impact serum levels although how would we test for vitamin d deficiency for those taking Aeds? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

That’s interesting as the BNF suggests that those on most AED’s should be regulary tested for vit D.

Insist it gets done!
What with sun barrier creams & limited sunshine in the UK many of us non medicated human beings are deficient in vit D.
I know individuals who have chronic mental ill health difficulties who have responded to vit D rather than Increasing their prescribed medication during an unstable period.

This is something you need to check with the epilepsy nurse. We know that calcium levels (and therefore bone density) are affected by some anticonvulsants and a supplement of calcium and Vit D is frequently given.