We are looking for examples of good practice and resources in relation to weight management for people with learning disabilities

The Improving Health and Lives (IHaL) team are preparing their next ‘reasonable adjustments’ report. We know that many people with learning disabilities are either underweight or overweight. Both of these can lead to poorer health. The focus of the next IHaL report will be weight management for people who are overweight.

The aim of the report, as with our previous ‘reasonable adjustments’ reports, is to share information, knowledge and best practice throughout the country to support people in improving services and care. We would like to include as many good case studies as possible in this report so that other people can benefit and use this information to support people with learning disabilities to manage their weight. We would also like to signpost people to resources they can access free of charge.

Please can you send your stories, examples of your work and resources to us at anna.marriott@ndti.org.uk