Webinar: Promoting good postural care to improve health outcomes (24 April 2018)

Webinar: Promoting good postural care to improve health outcomes

Tuesday 24th April 2018, 12:30-1pm

The term ‘postural care’ is used to describe any intervention that helps protect body shape. Poor postural care can affect people who find it hard to move or spend a long time in a limited number of positions, whether this is due to a disability, a stroke or old age. Whilst this webinar will focus on what we know about postural care for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities there will be wider implications for other groups of people. Consequences of poor postural care can be severe and life-threatening.

In this webinar, Anna Marriott, of the National Development Team for Inclusion, will give an overview on:

what postural care is and the importance of it
the benefits of postural care
the barriers to good postural care
what we know about what works and good practice examples/case studies
links to resources

Jayne Leeson, the Chief Executive of Changing our Lives, will talk about:

· the national working group on postural care

· the national strategy which highlights best practice and makes recommendations for the future

This webinar is aimed at NHS and public health colleagues, local authorities, commissioners and other stakeholders who have an interest in supporting people with postural care needs. Slides will be circulated prior the webinar, you can join by skype or telephone. To receive an invitation please email LDT@phe.gov.uk

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