Where to find support for son with mild learning difficulties/disabilities

My son is 25 he works hard holds down a job well but he keeps getting kicked out of where he lives. Each time we say this time there won’t be a problem. He somehow doesn’t understand that he needs to follow these social rules. He’s making bad decisions. I’m so proud he works so hard but so sad he is not socially finding his way. Can he find support somewhere somehow before he get disillusioned. He won’t talk to me or take my advice.

This sounds like a really challenging situation, and I’m sorry to hear your son is having difficulties with his housing. You say that he has mild learning difficulties / disabilities. Has he been assessed or ever received support for his learning difficulties or does he have a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder? When I worked in a community learning disabilty team, this type of situation was one that the learning disabiltiy nurses, psychologists and even sometimes OTs and SLTs could help with. If your son has any difficulties with receptive language (understanding complex things said to him (or written down), understanding social and pragmatic communication (understanding social rules and how other people might intepret his behaviour) or executive function (planning) - he may benefit from support from SLT or OT.

The challenge will be to access this if he doesn’t have a formal diagnosis (eg has an EHCP statement from school, has had an IQ assessment or is registered as having a learning disability- usually an IQ under 70)

The other approach may be to talk to the Housing provider - it very much depends who this is. Some Housing Associations have training and recognise the need for support for residents who have a learning disability or autism - but this is quite variable.

I don’t know how much help this answer is, but I would suggest talking to the local Community Learning Disability Team if possible would be a good start. You are also welcome to email info@include.org, if you would like to chat further.

Wishing you and your son the best of luck.

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Dear Alix, I am incredibly grateful for your response. You have in this short email described issues and given me language to talk about my son. I will follow up on all your suggestions and be in touch directly. Yours with gratitude, Clem

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