Accessible info about supportive relationships

Hi any suggestions re resources to support someone with mild LD and mental health issues to connect with feelings of compassion towards themselves in the context of a life where all their experiences have told them to shut up and get on with it. We are trying to introduce the idea that there may be a different way of people engaging with one another when they live together, i.e. is supportive and kind rather than invalidating and hostile.

Not sure if this is exactly the right thing but there may be some useful advice. Choice Support have a project called ‘Supported Loving’ it is around relationships and sexuality but may have some information which may help.

Hi Carl

There is some research on using Compassionate Focused Therapy with people with learning disabilities:

This work is very much from a CBT perspective. Even if that is not your bag, you might find some interesting ideas and tools.

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Thanks Deborah much appreciated

it’s accrued to me when supporting any person, disability, learning difficulty,
disabled, we are people first i read a lot of things from abled body persons meaning well about what may work , one thing i would like all of us to think about is would i / you like to be supported in this manner , if you are brutally honest most of us would be offended it’s the same devil’s that drive us all so please remember do not make a special case of us ,
we care after all people first