Experiences of fatherhood for men with Learning Disabilities

There has been little research into the experiences of fatherhood for men with learning disabilities. As part of my clinical psychology training and major research project, I hope to speak with fathers and hear about their experiences. I am currently offering interviews either by telephone or on Zoom. If you would like more information about my project then please email me at sd712@canterbury.ac.uk.

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Hi Sam

Just wondering if you are in contact with the Working Together with Parents Network based at Bristol University? I believe they have previously captured the stories of fathers with learning disabilities as part of their work. You can find out more in the resources section of their website: Resources | School for Policy Studies | University of Bristol or you can email them: wtw-pn@bristol.ac.uk.

I work for Learning Disability Wales and we also work with parents with learning disabilities and those who work with them in Wales to share their experiences and improve policy and practice. If your research includes Wales then I might be able to find some fathers willing to share their experiences with you? You can email me: samantha.williams@ldw.org.uk

Sam Williams (she/her)

This topic was researched by Jon Symonds and others as part of an SSCR funded project. You can find information here in case you have not come across their project.


Thanks, Sam (LDW) and Deborah for highlighting the WTPN and Jon’s work. We circulated Sam’s research request in our August newsletter. Sorry if there haven’t been enough takers through that route. Perhaps try the self-advocacy organisations direct?
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Thanks Deborah, much appreciated.

Hi Nadine. Thank you for suggesting that I try the self-advocacy organisations directly. This is something that I have started to do. Fingers crossed it proves successful.

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