Interactive Online Sessions for adults with Learning Disability

Dayspace is now offering online session activities so that anyone with a learning disability can join from any location.

From the 1st October, Dayspace will be relaunching its service which will include more:

  • Interactive Sessions – live interactive activity sessions that can be accessed from any location
  • Session Videos – recorded sessions that can be played at any time, paused, and replayed time and time again

All interactive sessions will be run as part of an ongoing weekly programme and different priced packages are available to reflect the number of sessions customers would like to participate in. We encourage everyone to take a free taster session to assess whether the session is suitable.

About Dayspace

At Dayspace we are committed to providing quality, person-centred activities for people within the learning disability community. Our vision has always been to see day services for adults with a learning disability transformed, by creating dynamic activity programmes that are tailored to suit individual needs and personalities.

We believe that a day provision should be interesting, challenging, sociable and most of all, fun! So we work hard to create a positive and encouraging environment where customers and their support network all feel part of the Dayspace family.

We recognise that everyone has unique needs, abilities and interests and the focus on ensuring the sessions are suitably tailored, continues with the transition into our Interactive Online activities.

We love what we do! And we hope that you will join us.


With careful consideration we have selected the following sessions from our in-house programme to offer as an interactive online session.


This popular, creative session encourages participants to explore and express their individuality through a variety of artistic processes and mediums. Online, this session allows people to follow the session leader through an artistic process and enjoy sharing their work with others.


In Soundspace we explore music of all forms. It is an interactive group where everyone is encouraged to express themselves using percussion and voice. Led by enthusiastic professional musicians, participants can request their favourite songs to sing along to.


This fun, energetic session encourages social interaction online and promotes the benefits of dance and movement for physical and mental health. We also offer sessions tailored for wheelchair users or those with limited physical abilities.


In Sayspace we encourage group discussion and problem solving through self-advocacy. The group discuss any issues they feel relevant, providing opportunities to advise each other and find solutions. This helps develop a sense of validation, independence and cultivates friendships.


This session gives people a chance to practice their performance skills, whether stand-up, acting, or dance. We use games and different drama techniques to help people express themselves and engage with their emotions.


Taking a trip down memory lane our professional musicians play classic songs from a time gone by. Everyone is encouraged to request their favourite classic song while clapping, singing and dancing along. This session is aimed at our older customers but is open to all.



  • Participate in 4 Interactive Sessions per month
  • A 10% discount on any DayspaceGo* booking

Enjoy the flexibility of participating in 4 Interactive Sessions every month to fit around other events in your timetable.


  • Participate in up to 8 Interactive Sessions of your choice per month
  • Supporting videos available for sessions where customers require more time to a complete project
  • Full access to over 200 pre-recorded session videos via a Dayspace library login
  • A 10% discount on any DayspaceGo* booking

This package is our most popular and provides an engaging programme of sessions and activities that will keep customers captivated and entertained.


  • Unlimited Interactive Sessions per month
  • Supporting videos available for sessions where customers require more time to complete a project
  • Full access to over 200 pre-recorded session videos via a Dayspace library login
  • A home tech support visit to assist with set up for interactive sessions
  • A 10% discount on any DayspaceGo* booking

Immerse yourself in the Dayspace experience and enjoy regular activities every day. This is the most cost-effective package for our customers who enjoy a variety of our sessions over multiple days.

*DayspaceGo is only available for venues within a 15 mile radius of Dayspace.

For more information on the session content and prices or to enquire about our free taster sessions, please contact the team on 01737 241012 or email

Hi, I am really liking the sound of some of those, I have been sad for months as my Trafford/Manchester based day centre hasn’t been open since February/March due to covid, thankfully Venture Arts have kept me and many others going on zoom.

It is such a great idea to do things online.

I am just wondering how much the sayspace sessions are? I am really into activism and woud like to make friends.
Thankyou very much.