Needle Phobia

Hi, I’m looking for any resources around needle phobia, desensitisation, and using safe holds to take blood samples or give vaccines. I would be really grateful if anyone has any experience around this or can signpost me to anything I might find useful please. Many thanks, Shirley

Is it worth a check in with the gp or hospital, in the past I have found they can rub in a numbing cream before doing an injection.

This is quite old now but there may still be some useful information in it Blood tests and people with learning disabilities - GOV.UK

Hi Milly, you can find some helpful resources here:

Supporting people with COVID-19 challenges (

Hi Shirley

Have you found this guidance?



Hi Debra,

Yes I have that, thank you so much.

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Hi Anna,

Yes I have seen this but thank you for responding.

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Hi MillyP,
I have just joined this network and I am very interested in your post . I am currently supporting a pilot study in the NHS with a new innovative device for painfree blood collection . We are looking at the area of Learning Disbilities and think it may be of great value. I am quite happy to explain more and provide you with some to have a look at . Please let me know .

Hi FattyPatty
I’d love some more information, please.
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Hi Please would you post a link to information on this study as I know a couple of LD nurses who would be very interested in pain free blood collection. Best Wishes Steve

I’d also like some more information please.

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Hi FattyPatty (fab name :laughing:). It would be great to find out more about your study; it sounds very exciting. I work part time (Mon, Tue, Wed) for a self advocacy organisation called ‘People First Merseyside’ which is run by and for adults with learning disabilities. You can find out more about us by looking at our website. My email is if you can send me more information. Many thanks, Shirley

Hi to All,
The study is in progress at the moment and we are hoping to be finished by Easter, there has been a lot of lab work to be done prior to patient recruitment. I am happy to get samples out to nurses for you to have a touchy feely at the device. I am also half way through the NHS Innovations process I will assist you all in anyway that I can, the process’s are very slow but I think there is a really long term gain here. I am meeting with the team in Lancaster next week and hope to get a case study together about the initial patient.

You can see a demo of the device here at the bottom of the page
TAP II Product Overview (

TAPII Device.pdf (695.2 KB)
TAP Publication List 20221209.pdf (200.3 KB)
TAP II Analyte Compatibility (CE 20211119).pdf (240.5 KB)

I have uploaded some literature and where we have been used in clinical trials, obviously the use in learning disabilities is a first I am just trying to raise awareness as I think it would be a real help for some individuals and widens the options.

You are welcome to message me for more details.

anyone can contact me at like I said its early days yet but I am happy to come and visit and tell you all about it so that you can see the device and try for yourself.

Please could you send me any other details and updates about the study this sounds like a real break through that could help many People

Thank you - that’s really useful. Best Wishes Steve




Hi FattyPatty,

Thank you for emailing further details of the study and providing links to further information. Just had a look through them all and it looks very interesting. Our team do a lot of desensitisation work with clients with severe needle phobias so this device could be of huge benefit to some of our client group.

Would you be kind enough to send a sample out to me so I can show the rest of the nursing team and our doctors please? Do you know what the cost of testing samples is likely to be or can the samples be sent to NHS hospital labs for results?

My address details are

Gill Baulch

Havering Community Learning Disability Team

Yew Tree Lodge

20 Yew Tree Gardens



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Please could you send me some information. I work with children with LD who are often on medication requiring regular blood tests and we really struggle to support them to manage this.

Hi Louise,

Thank you for getting in touch, I can send you a couple of samples in the post.

You are working in a very difficult area for several reasons so this process may not be easy, however I believe this device could make a whole world of difference here.

At the moment we have only CE mark for 21 years and over, however we are working towards CE (UKAS since Brexit) mark in children. This does not completely eliminate the product from use in this area. It has been used in clinical trials in children( and I could put you in touch with them) and it can be use ‘off license’ as it is called. This is not rare as a lot of drugs and devices are not CE marked in children.

This will probably mean you will need the support of your consultant.

One thing is for sure if you don’t look at it and start the process it will never happen :blush:

I can help you a lot.

Send me your address for the samples, look at the video at the bottom of the page in this link :

TAP II Product Overview (

When you have the samples , get in touch and perhaps we could have a teams call and I can talk you though it .



TAPII Device.pdf (695 KB)