PMLD Standards

I’m hoping someone can advise…
I work within a Local Authority and I am currently supporting one of our residential services to incorporate the PMLD standards.

Does anyone have a template of their policies that have been created to meet ’
Clear, written statement of policy and practice commitment to meeting the health,
social and educational needs of people with profound and multiple learning
disabilities is available and accessible to staff, people being supported and family
This would be really helpful. If not can you guide on what areas need to be included please.



Hi Mel

I’ve attached an extract that may help to give a starting point, depending on the set up of the service.



Individual Needs Approach.docx (71.2 KB)

Hi Melissa, why not join the online ‘community of practice’ for the PMLD Standards on facebook? - this same request was a recent topic there.
Just search ‘Raising the bar - COP for the PMLD care standards’ to join the group (link below).
You can also share requests on the main page for PMLD Link, as we have a different set of followers!

Thank you both for the information. I have joined the FB group - much appreciated.